Manchester Dismas Home
102 4th Street
Manchester NH 03102

The home has four bedrooms accommodating up to eight formerly incarcerated women. It has a large dining room, a spacious gathering room, generous kitchen, sufficient bathrooms, a screened in porch and outdoor sitting area.

The house is located on a quiet street next to a rails and trails which provide a lovely area for walking or cycling. There is adequate parking for volunteers and staff. Currently the home is undergoing renovation provided by Catholic Charities of New Hampshire. We expect to open middle to late Sept. 2016.

What We Do

Help the formerly incarcerated transform their lives by offering them a safe, nurturing environment called Dismas Homes

Collaborate with colleges and universities, not-for-profit organizations, community and civic organizations, experts, and volunteers to provide the formerly incarcerated with the best opportunities to succeed in their transition back to society in a structured, accountable environment.

Save the taxpayers of New Hampshire significant tax dollars annually by reducing recidivism.

Keep families intact by providing hope, dignity, and support to their loved ones.

Work closely with federal, state, and local correctional authorities and agencies to navigate the challenges of reentry into society.

We are grateful for the assistance of the students & faculty of Saint Anselm College, Manchester, NH who dedicate their time helping residents in many ways and managing our social network.
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