Many People making even the smallest of donations, enables us to help the formerly-incarcerated experience a life changing experience and become productive members of society.

Get Involved with Dismas


The Dismas Home model relies on volunteers to introduce the formerly incarcerated to family and community.  We have countless opportunities for volunteers to help make a permanent difference in the lives of our clients.  Contact Us for more information about how you can help.


Building and Operating Dismas Homes throughout New Hampshire is expensive.  We maintain a very low overhead so that each dollar can go directly to helping those in need.   Your generous donation will help transform the lives of the formerly incarcerated and their families.


We serve all people regardless of race, color, or creed.  However we do believe in, and have witnessed, the power of prayer that has guided our success.

If you feel comfortable, please join us in our daily Dismas Home prayer:
Thank you Father for the example of Dismas who in the sunset of his life asked for mercy and peace and received it.  As we face the sunrise of the Dismas Home project we humbly ask God for wisdom and guidance, and that He provide us with the resources and talents we need to fulfill our mission of helping the formerly incarcerated.