About Us

Our Founders

Jack and Julie McCarthy have been involved in prison ministry in New Hampshire for years. Their volunteer work with Kairos and Aid for Incarcerated Marriages (AIM) programs taught them many lessons about the many challenges facing incarcerated individuals and their families. Over the years, they developed a growing appreciation for the need to address the very real problem of recidivism, the rate at which the formerly incarcerated return to prison. Understanding the need for released prisoners to have a safe haven in a loving and accountable environment along with the support and tools they would need to renter society successfully, the McCarthy’s set out to find a solution in 2014. They found one in Dismas Home of New Hampshire.  The Dismas program has been used successfully throughout the United States including in Vermont and Massachusetts and it has a proven record of significantly reducing recidivism rates, saving taxpayer money, and most importantly creating a safer society and transforming the lives of families.  Jack and Julie’s dedication and love toward the formerly incarcerated is an inspiration and Dismas Home of New Hampshire reflects their leadership and values.